CND Shellac Luxe

CND Shellac Luxe™

"CND Shellac Luxe Is The Fastest And Most Gentle Gel Polish Yet"  VOGUE

Why so different?

The new formula has a unique chemical structure that allows liquids such as cuticle oils and gel polish remover to penetrate quicker than the original Shellac system. This also means that nails are healthy and stronger and that Luxe is in fact kinder to nails. The formula also feels thinner and after being one of the first to try it, I can attest you don't even feel like it's on. Marian Newman, the industry's leading nail expert, explains: "the formula is so impressive, it performs like nail polish so it feels thin and unlike you're wearing a gel of any sort which a lot of people might prefer. It's such an impressive innovation that even though the treatment is faster, it's also kind to your nails. For me, keeping the health of your nails is crucial and CND Shellac Luxe offers that. I think in time, classic Shellac wearers will want to wear Luxe because it really does tick every box". Launching nationwide in August, Luxe will cost the same as the original Shellac.

A Shellac with benefits

Having a CND Shellac manicure requires a bit of commitment but often the benefits offset the investment. However, there's no denying that the time and commitment of having a two-weekly gel manicure can sometimes be off-putting. There's the removal process, plus the application time and then there are the concerns of damage, especially if applied incorrectly. That, however, is all about to change with the introduction of CND Shellac Luxe, which is the fastest professional gel polish treatment available.

The new system's colours correspond to the classic Shellac shades with an additional 15 exclusive Luxe shades. The difference, however, is in the formula. There's no base coat, so just two steps to apply: colour and top coat. There's less preparation too, before application. When it comes to removing, it takes just 60 seconds once wrapped to soak and take off, so it will take 15 minutes off your appointment time thanks to the new and improved removal process and skipping the base coat step beforehand. Pretty impressive.

When Harry wed Meghan!

Thought I'd best join the celebrations at the weekend, ahh wasn't it grand?!

These are my wedding nails in honour of the gorgeous Harry and the beautiful feminine feminist Meghan. The have even survived gardening on Sunday! Much love, H xx

How pale are we all??

Yikes! I'm so pale I am almost green! If you feel the sun has been gone too long and you want to feel better about yourself and put a smile on that beautiful face - it may be time for a tan! My Sienna X tans only need to stay on an hour - no messy sheets or looking like an Umpa Lumpa!

Just £22 for up to 14 days of feeling fabulous x

9th March 2018 

Christmas Rockstar Shellac 

8 days until Christmas. I’ve got out the big guns and Rockstar Shellac was the way to go! £28 for fully embedded glitter in Shellac. What’s not to love? Xx


Gorgeous Shellac nails are the answer to EVERYTHING!! Always know there were 

Happy Weekend my lovely lot xxx

Warming up for Christmas 

I’m feeling Christmassy now if pepped up my nails. Hope you love them x

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