When Harry wed Meghan!

Thought I'd best join the celebrations at the weekend, ahh wasn't it grand?!

These are my wedding nails in honour of the gorgeous Harry and the beautiful feminine feminist Meghan. The have even survived gardening on Sunday! Much love, H xx

How pale are we all??

Yikes! I'm so pale I am almost green! If you feel the sun has been gone too long and you want to feel better about yourself and put a smile on that beautiful face - it may be time for a tan! My Sienna X tans only need to stay on an hour - no messy sheets or looking like an Umpa Lumpa!

Just £22 for up to 14 days of feeling fabulous x

9th March 2018 

Christmas Rockstar Shellac 

8 days until Christmas. I’ve got out the big guns and Rockstar Shellac was the way to go! £28 for fully embedded glitter in Shellac. What’s not to love? Xx


Gorgeous Shellac nails are the answer to EVERYTHING!! Always know there were 

Happy Weekend my lovely lot xxx

Warming up for Christmas 

I’m feeling Christmassy now if pepped up my nails. Hope you love them x

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New website

23rd October 2017

New website up and running! If you see if made a mistake, please feedback. If you think anything is missing, also let me know. Would love to know what you think. Helen xx